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What I'm All About


I've been extremely passionate about baking since I was a little girl. It was only recently that I decided it was time to share my talents with the rest of dessert loving world.

If you were ever curious about the name of my bakery, it's not about the price... It's about the meaning behind that dollar sign. When I was a kid I watched all the crime shows there ever was with my dad. He is now a retired police officer so of course that's all he still watches. Anyways, I picked up on some things that that the criminals and police officers on the shows would say. Soon enough I was repeating a good amount of it, especially the silly thing the bad guys would say. That's where my nickname comes in. My dear ole dad decided then and there that I would be called D$. I hold on to that nickname to this day. 

The dollar sign in D$ is also a representation of my last name, Grand. Since I can remember my family has always had to say to people that our last name is Grand, like a thousand... It was generally mistaken as Grant, Graham, etc.

Now that you know my story of where the name of my home bakery is from, please know that I am a perfectionist do every cake, cupcake, cookie, etc is made with so much care and precise craftmanship. If there is ever anything that is not listed on the menu that you are looking for, please reach out and I can most likely make that happen for you.

Thank you so much for checking out my page and hopefully for a new order!

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